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  • 萩漁港に隣接し、新鮮な萩の地魚や地元農産物が揃っています。
    Right on the doorstep of the Hagi Fishing Port, Hagi Seamart offers a range of fresh, locally-caught fish as well as other agricultural products.
    The market enjoys a bustling atmosphere and is home to 17 shops.
    There are fishmongers where live fish can be bought at competitive local prices, restaurants serving dishes using seasonal seafood, and souvenir shops selling a range of local souvenirs.

      • 館内に設置してある活魚水槽では萩で水揚げされた魚を生かしながら販売しています。
        You can buy ocean-fresh fish, such as mafugu pufferfish and swordtip squid, from our fish tanks inside Seamart.
        When the squid is in season, we can prepare it as fresh sashimi for you to take away.
        The tanks are particularly popular amongst children, who like to watch the fish swim around.

        There are staff onsite at each fishmonger who can prepare fish for you.
        You can watch all sorts of fish being expertly cut in front of you, from small Japanese amberjacks to large grouper fish.
        If you buy the fish whole, the staff can butterfly or fillet it for you.

        Around 250 different species of seafood are caught in Hagi across the seasons.
        At Hagi Seamart, we have four fishmongers who at any time have an excellent range of fish on display.
        Depending on the season, this range will be completely different - something to look forward to!

      • 海鮮丼や寿司、刺身、天ぷら、煮つけなど萩の旬の魚貝を使った海鮮料理を提供するレストランが3店舗あります。
        We have three restaurants onsite where you can enjoy dishes using seasonally-caught seafood in a number of ways.
        We have rice bowls (donburi), sushi, sashimi, tempura, and marinated dishes to name a few.
        As we are directly linked with Hagi Fish Market, our restaurants can use ocean-fresh fish caught that morning.
        You can also try other delicious local Hagi food such as raw sea urchin or whitebait rice bowls.

        We sell a variety of fish sashimi, seafood sushi, prepared food and bento meals for you to take home or eat outside in our seating area.
        We particularly recommend the tempura, and ‘Steamboat’ manju.
        Or, on a hot day, why not try some natsumikan orange ice cream too?

        We hold many food events where the fish of the season takes the spotlight, such as the Hagi Mafugu Festival (mafugu matsuri), Hagi Jack Mackerel Festival (setsuki aji matsuri), and Hagi Year-End Fish Market (nenmatsu osakana ichi).
        Hagi Seamart brims with customers during these festivals, where you can buy fresh fish and get free samples of sashimi, nigiri-zushi and more!

      • 萩しーまーとに並ぶ生鮮魚貝は鮮度が良いだけでなく、市場から台車で店に運ぶだけなので輸送コストもかかりません。
        Not only is the seafood at Hagi Seamart extremely fresh, but there are also no transportation costs since the fishing port is right on our doorstep.
        This means that we can supply the freshest of fish caught every day by our fishermen and sailors to our customers.
        Not only seafood, but a carefully-selected assortment of locally-sourced vegetables, fruit and meats are available too.

        At Seamart, we stock an assortment of processed local seafood delicacy and seaweed goods.
        We have dried baby sardines, seaweed, sea urchins, dried fish and more.
        One particular unique Hagi item is roasted kamaboko (fish paste), which is made using a traditional technique.
        These items are perfect as gifts, or side dishes at home.

        Our souvenir shop stocks an array of local liquors and Hagi-limited products, not limited to local brand sakes and beers that go well with seafood dishes, Hagi pottery, natsumikan orange juice, marmalade and confectionery.
        Especially popular are our local sweet soy sauces, daidai citrus ponzu sauce, and XO sauce which uses squid and dried baby sardines - all of which will assuredly enhance the flavor of your fish.

    The city of Hagi is known in Japan as the birthplace of the Meiji Restoration, and for being home to many people who went on to play important roles in the country’s future.
    Much of the architecture from the Edo period remains intact and 5 sites across the city have been registered as UNESCO World Heritage.
    Two of these sites, Hagi Reverberatory Furnace and Ebisugahana Shipyard, are within walking distance of Seamart.
    We also highly recommend Shokasonjuku Academy and Hagi Castle Town for those staying in Hagi a little longer.